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Professional management services

International Property Connexions LTD delivers more than just the basics when it comes to property management. We believe in what we do, and we’re in business to protect you and your property. You can expect a serious, professional, hands-on approach to everything from tenant placement to full management.

As an experienced property managing company, International Property Connexions LTD haves an extensive existing client base with blocks all over the place. These include independent freeholders, property management companies, house builders and other residential landlords. We believe our block management service can rival that of any other block management companies.

At International Property Connexions LTD we pride ourselves in offering all the services any type of property manager might need including:

• Dealing with the Freeholder’s repair and maintenance obligations
• Preparation and administration of ground rent and service charge demands
• Preparation of annual service charge budgets
• Providing annual reports of income and expenditure
• Inspections to common parts at a frequency agreed with client
• Advising on compliance with relevant leasehold obligations
• Maintaining adequate insurance policies for the client
• Advice on compliance with any statutory obligations, including notices
• Attending all AGMs and directors meetings as required

☰ Every building is alive

Block property managementTherefore the high quality management services provided by our professionals will have a significant impact on the lifetime of the building.

Understanding the effect that our management service has on the profitability and balance sheet performance ofyour business is at the heart of everything we do.

In accordance to your specific needs, we can customize and manage a package of solutions that address key areas for running the property. Also, we pride in our efforts to continuously reorganize and optimize the cost vs. quality ratio for all our property management services.